About This Blog

Hi! I’m glad you stopped by.

Maybe it’s the Gemini in me (or the fact that I’m an INFJ) but I can’t seem to nail down a theme for a blog. I’m not a hobby person or someone with an unusual gift or pressing need to become an expert in a subject. I am me. I’m multifaceted, random and a little weird.

I’m also incredibly fickle. I had a main theme for a blog for a while and I never added much to it. I’m someone who likes freedom and gets easily bored and distracted when I write too much about one topic.

Yep. Call me a jack-of-all-trades or a master of none. I’ve always been this way. I never could stick to a sport or hobby growing up. Everything piqued my curiosity. But I never stuck with it long enough to become great at one thing. So why should my blog be any different than a place for me to explore my interests at the moment?

I know, I know. Marketers and content strategists are shaking their heads right now. I get it. To have a “successful” blog you need to have a main theme or focus to speak to your audience. I get that this blog won’t be for everyone. But mostly, the blog is for me so I can practice writing and have some fun, when and how I choose.

This website will to constantly shift and evolve, just like me. It’s whatever I want it to be at the moment. It’s A Blog About Nothing in Particular.