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Google Fiber

Content Writing

Task: Curate three articles taking information from Google Fiber’s various product pages and blog site to tell their brand story and reach a larger audience.

Learnings: The client wanted to do an article about streaming TV. Initially, we thought this article wouldn’t perform well (I’m a young millennial I and I just assume everyone is either a cord cutter or cord never). However, we were proven wrong. The article performed well! 

Of the three articles it had: the highest average time on content (Over 90 seconds!), highest scroll depth (We saw readers get ¾ of the way down the page before bouncing) and lowest scroll velocity (meaning readers scrolled slowly, indicating they were more invested in reading it word-for-word).

These metrics surprised us. We looked into it and according to Nielsen, only ¼ of Americans ONLY stream TV. The majority of the population is still watching network and cable.

Takeaways: The streaming article found the right audience and provided information to them at the right place and time. 

View article screenshots HERE

Visit Seattle

Content Writing

Task: Create four custom articles for Visit Seattle during winter 2020. The campaign targeted locals in the King County area to mask up, get out and support local businesses.

Challenge: Creating content that highlighted local businesses during a U.S. COVID spike was challenging on all fronts: from finding local businesses that were open and safe, to navigating the changing Seattle COVID travel and business guidelines.

Learnings: The article about King County restaurants had the highest CTAr, as readers wanted to quickly read about food options and click out to book a table.

The Neighborhood guide article had the longest average time on content, as readers wanted to learn more about what to do in each local area.

We found that calling out specific types of businesses (i.e. “restaurants” and “breweries”) got readers to click into the article page.

View article screenshots HERE

Visit Gulf Shores

Content Strategy and Production

Task: Create a custom, interactive aerial image map to engage readers and get them thinking about a vacation to Alabama’s coast.

Challenge: We won the Gulf Shores business and jumped straight into production in February of 2020. COVID lockdowns happened a few weeks later. The client decided to pause all production until June 2020.

Once we got the green light to once again move forward with creation, we needed to make a few creative tweaks for client approval:

  • Client wanted to encourage road trips (vs. air travel) so we called out road travel in our headlines
  • Client updated their audiences from “girls getaway” and “boys vacation” to “outdoor adventurers” and “beach goers” to ahere to safety measures. We adjusted the copy to reflect this.

Learnings: Driving site traffic was a key metric for the clients. So we made sure to layer in lots of CTA messaging and click outs to the brand’s site. We found that nearly ¼ of readers took an action on a CTA button. 

The diversity of content that spoke to different audiences prompted readers to learn more, and thus click out to the brand’s page.

Click HERE to view the experience


Content Strategy and Production

Task: Create a custom infographic about Okta’s protection against ransomware.

Challenge: The client wanted to repurpose a dry, jargon-heavy ransomware one-sheet into an infographic. The challenge was making it visually appealing for a native environment. We worked with our design team to organize the content into a digestible format with eye-catching visuals.

View the infographic in more detail HERE

Honda PowerSports

Content Strategy, Writing and Production

Task: Create a custom, interactive hotspot article to showcase the new Honda Rebel 1100.

Learnings: When looking at what headlines drove clicks to the article landing page, we saw that calling out “Honda” popped, which isn’t surprising as this is a reputable, household car brand. We also saw that “Rebel” also had a CTR lift, indicating that the target audience is familiar with this motorcycle model and was keen to learn more about the newest edition. 

However, calling out attributes of the bike (e.g. “Dual Clutch, Performance, Cruiser, “Torque”) had a negative CTR lift. We found that at this stage, when readers are initially served the ad, they are still in the upper-funnel and aren’t ready for more lower-funnel performance information quite yet.

As for the performance of the hotspot article overall, we found that, unsurprisingly, readers clicked on multiple hotspots. Many of the hotspots had multiple opens too. The most clicked hotspot item was “Twin Cylinder Engine” (followed by “Unicam Engine”). Nearly 2% of all total clicks drove to the brand’s features page from this hotspot. This shows that the audience has moved further down the marketing funnel and is now ready to learn more about the Rebel’s power and performance, now that they’ve clicked around and interacted with the hotspot.

Click HERE to see the full screenshot of the article