For When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Doing Enough

Do you like aren’t doing enough?

I’ve been struggling with bouts of self-confidence issues lately, and I think it stems from feeling like I’m falling short. 

Society and the media tell us we need to do “x” number of things to be “productive” or feel like we worked hard enough on any given day. 

I keep getting in my own head too–now that we have more time at home, with the pandemic and all, shouldn’t I be doing more

I’m not writing enough.

I’m not posting enough. 

I’m not working out enough. 

I’m not cleaning my apartment enough. 

I’m not talking with my friends enough. 

I’m not talking with my family enough. 

I’m not enough. 

I hate feeling this way. I like to feel ahead. But excuse me society (and internal self), I’m. trying.

I’ve just needed time to adjust and to simply be

Two months ago I moved 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles to Atlanta and I’ve been busy setting up my new living situation. And a week ago I got a puppy. (Potty training alone is taking up much of my day.) 

This post doesn’t have some thought-provoking thesis statement or epiphany to tie it all together in a neat little bow–this just me ranting about how we should switch our frame of mind to be less “productive” focused and just embrace that we may fall short according to what others and society and what we ourselves might preserve. 


We gotta do what we gotta do to be okay right now.


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