This Left Coaster Is Going Right: Why I’m Moving to Atlanta

COVID has changed things. Everything, actually.

At the start of all this, I wanted different things–maybe move to NYC or London. I wanted to continue living the bustling city life. 

But in eight months I’ve done a complete 180. Those dreams will have to wait while I try something else in the meantime. Staying safe and sane through the pandemic is now the pressing priority. Now I’ve got different plans. 

But first! Some background, because the reality of our situation is this:

  • My company has decided to go fully remote (or until further notice). 
  • George, my fiance, just started a fully remote job. 
  • We live in a one-bedroom apartment, and because of our new living and working situations, we REQUIRE a second bedroom for working. 
  • We can’t afford, nor are we willing to pay for, a 2-bedroom apartment in L.A.
  • We feel ready to leave SoCal and explore more of our beautiful country. 

We started talking months ago about the idea of moving away. We discussed moving back to Oregon. Salt Lake City. Nashville. Austin.

Andddddd after much discussion and research and a weekend trip to visit potential apartments…

 (Drumroll please!) 

We’ve landed on Atlanta.

Why? Well now, allow me to explain! 

(Don’t) Take All My Money

First of all, it’s crazy affordable. Overall, the cost of living in ATL is lower than the national average. To put it into perspective: a 2-bedroom apartment with a pool, an adjacent hiking trail, gym, dog park, in a quiet suburb 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta IS LESS a month in rent than what we’re paying for a one-bedroom, no amenities apartment (with a pristine view the 10-freeway, might I add).

Yeah. I know. My mouth STILL on the floor in disbelief.

We’ve gotten used to paying the steep prices here in L.A., but we’re ready to move on and get more for the price.

A Foodie’s Paradise: I’ll Take My BBQ With a Side of BBQ

The city in a forest is ripe with delectable eateries. Everything from Asian fusion to soul food and then some.

When we were out there just a couple weeks ago, we ordered ahead and picked up a deliciously greasy takeout bag from Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

Tender pork ribs that fall off the bone. Rum baked beans. Southern mac ‘n cheese. 

Do I need to say any more? I think not. 

(We were really hungry so I didn’t care to take a better lit photo)

Living somewhere with finger-licking delicious food is a NECESSITY for us. And we’ve just tasted the tip of the iceberg of what ATL has to offer. 

Nearby Adventures to Be Had

I get restless easily. So I need a new home location that allows me to take easy, last minute weekend trips. I can’t wait to explore more of the beautiful southeast. Charleston, Nashville, Chattanooga, Charlotte here I come!

Bring on a New Experience 

And lastly, we are taking advantage of our remote schedules! When else would we get an opportunity like this? We want to try living in a different region, so let’s try something new! 

And on that note, let’s start the 2,000+ mile road trip! 


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