Lessons Learned From the Inside: Quarantine Edition

Here in Los Angeles, we are going on five weeks since the mandated lockdown was issued. Though, it feels like it’s been 3 years. Time feels slower, doesn’t it?

Although my remote job is keeping me busy during the 9-5, I’ve had some extra time to reflect and here are a few takeaways I want to share. 

This IS time we won’t get back so let’s (try to) enjoy it

Look, I do consider myself an optimist (most of the time), but this quarantine has been difficult. For everyone. In one way or another. There are days when I hate it and want to throw things. And there are other days when I think, “Hey! This isn’t so bad!” But most of the time I’m somewhere stuck in the middle of the two or fluctuating from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds. But when I’m feeling down, I like to remind myself that this:

  1. Won’t last forever, and
  2. This is extra time I won’t ever have again so why not try cool new things?

E.g. Like write in my blog (Hey, I’m doing that now!) Or try more yoga poses (Namaste) How about learn some German while I’m at it (Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch)?  

Yes, try cool new fun activities, but don’t wear yourself out

To be completely honest, the original idea of this blog post was going to be mainly focused on activities and my productivity during the quarantine. But since I started writing this two weeks ago, I’ve changed my outlook on how I spend my time.

I mostly blame it on the LA achiever-mentality of “go go go!”. It’s expected that you are always out doing something, driving somewhere, trying to be better or be someone. Although it’s been refreshing to have a bit of a break from the hustle and noise of it all (some of it anyway), for the first few weeks of quarantine, and admittedly even now, I still very much am struggling to get out of that mindset. I think that mentality has been carved into my DNA by now. 

I thought, “Hm … I’m not commuting for an hour and a half each day so this means more time for new activities! Let’s do them all!” I set unrealistic expectations for myself and wore myself out–fast. 

It’s all about balance. Yes, try new things. But it is okay to not either. It’s okay to sit on the couch and do nothing. 

It will take some mental practice to get this idea into my head, but it’s an important one to remember. And this New York Times article sums it up perfectly. 

Tbh, I’m more of the belief of doing things that make you feel good right now. Maybe sometimes productive activities do make you feel good. And then maybe sometimes they don’t. Maybe we all just need to prioritize feeling good–in whatever form that could be– for a change. 

More time to spend with my fiance

I work full time. My fiance is an Uber driver, is finishing school and interns part-time at a start-up. We do our best to see each other at home, but we–especially him–are so on-the-constant-go 95% of the weekdays.

This space and time of being stuck in self-isolation together is special. Yes, there are moments when we both get on each others’ nerves because we are constantly around one another, but we apologize and move on!

We are both old souls at heart–and we are forced to fully lean into it now. We go on long walks together. We’ve been watching more shows and movies together. We’ve been tag-teaming in the kitchen to cook up delicious comfort meals. We love each other’s company and are our main support systems during the pandemic. And when this is all over, I believe we will have made some fond memories together. 

Make more time to reach out to family and loved ones–because let’s face it–we all need it

No, I’m not great about reaching out to my mom during my normal life. Yes, this pandemic makes me think about her more and I’ve been making more time to regularly check-in with her. 

Now is the time to be reaching out and connecting with our support group. Loved ones that encourage us and we can commiserate with. We need each other now, more than ever. 

Appreciate the little things

Every day, I like to spend a few minutes remembering what I’m grateful for: My safe and cute apartment. A lovely outdoor walk in the sunshine. My remote job. My loving fiance. A warm meal. Netflix. Pop Tarts. 

Have a laugh

Watching quarantine parody videos is actually breathing life into me during this time. 




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