4 Hidden Gems in Paris (Coffee and Food Lovers–Listen up)

Paris. It was as magical as they say it is. It lived up to all the hype and then some.

George, my finance, and I are big foodies, so this list is mostly little hole-in-the-wall, off-the-beaten-path type of restaurants we discovered on a whim (and/or mostly from me feeling tired and getting hangry).



Maybe I fell in love with this little cafe because it was my first day in Paris and I was simply elated to be there, but this cafe had a unique charm that instantly captivated me. From the patterned titles, the tiny biscuit they served George, to the creamy latte I sipped, this tiny cafe holds a special place in my heart. It was pure joy to sit there and enjoy the “feeling” of Paris in a cafe and in a cup of coffee.

Le Loir dans La Théière 


I found this gem on Yelp and was immediately sold on the pictures of the meringue pie. I had to go. I’m such a sucker for cute tea houses–and this did not disappoint. Walking inside I felt like I had stumbled across the perfect underground tea house (maybe I did?). After a full day of sightseeing, this was the perfect afternoon spot to sit, relax and catch our breath for a minute. 

Quick anecdote: I remember sitting at our table, trying to decipher the menu (duh it was in French). We frantically (and unsuccessfully) Google Translated random words on the menu, desperate to understand which item was what. Initially, we accidentally, but not unhappily, ordered two pots of tea instead of the meringue pie. We felt embarrassed that we couldn’t order, understand the menu, and we probably felt slightly intimidated by the lack of English being spoken around us. Finally, I mustered up the courage and pointed directly to the meringue pie sitting on a counter behind us.

“Can we get a slice of that?” I asked sheepishly.

“The meringue?” The waiter asked. 

Duh. Meringue is the same word in French. Cue facepalm. 

I felt like such a nincompoop. But I got my slice and lived down the embarrassment (enough) to share the tale. 

Bistrot Victoire 

This charming cafe is a perfect way to end your day in Paris. The combination of excellent Parisian food, at a great price, and the romantic atmosphere made this place totally worth visiting. The dim lights and mirrors made this restaurant feel like it was glowing. Lots of ambiance. 

Eyeing the escargot on the menu, I joked to George that we should order it. 

“We’re in Paris, right? We have to try it to say we’ve done it!” I lamented. 

George caved. (I love getting my way!)

We got one order of the pesto escargot as an app. And you know what? I loved it. I had extremely low expectations about the taste and texture so it blew my mind in the best way.

Oh and make sure you order the duck. You can thank me later.

Blé Sucré

Oh me oh my. Now these are what award-winning croissants taste like. Flaky on the outside, buttery on the inside. 

I found this place after a quick Google search of “best croissants in Paris”. We were only in Paris for two full days. I know what I’m about and I didn’t have time to mess around. We were there and we needed to experience the best of the best.

We stopped here on our out of town. We sat outside and ate our croissants like we owned the world. We saw a man on a motorcycle, ride up onto the sidewalk and park his bike in front of the shop. He went inside, ordered a croissant, came back to his bike, lifted up his seat and put the treat inside then rode away. 

Dang, I thought. This guy is truly living his best life. I respect that man. 


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