A Poor Intern’s Guide to the Best Food in Boston

As a west coaster, I jumped at the chance to intern on the east coast in 2016. And for 3 months I lived as a tourist in this vibrant, New England coastal town and had the opportunity to eat eat eat–all while still maintaining a tight budget.
Best Sandwiches: Parish Cafe
In all honestly, I’m not much of a sandwich person. Subway? Ew. Jimmy Johns? Heck no! But this place changed my view of what a good sandwich could be. Boston has an all-around great sandwich scene, but this place truly is where you need to go. I still dream about their chicken sandwich. If you’re feeling steak, then get their Le Mistral sandwich. But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their sandwiches.
 Best Ice Cream: Emack and Bolio’s
Yep. The line is long. Worth it. Wait your turn and then order the banana rum ice cream. Get it in a crazy-looking rice crispy treat cone. Walk down Newberry street eating it, living your best life. Don’t regret a thing.
Best Sweet Shop: Georgetown Cupcake
Sometimes nothing will do the job except for a cupcake. Bad day? Good day? Either way, if you need a treat yo’ self moment, go here. Their cupcakes are equally cute and tasty.
Favorite North End Italian Eatery: Panza
If Italian cuisine is your thing (I mean, isn’t it everyone’s thing?) then the North End is for you. All the restaurants are excellent. Pro Tip: Go during lunch because the prices are better. It can get pricey for dinner!
Now onto Panza. I never had baked ziti before this. I didn’t even know what it was tbh. I ordered it because it was one of the cheaper menu items (let’s remember I was an intern). But boy was I blown away at the quality of ingredients used in this dish. Imagine the ultimate comfort food. It was warm, perfect and I haven’t stopped thinking about it nearly four years later. I’m not even kidding when I say this may be one of my favorite dishes of my life.
Best Canoli: Modern Pastry
Excellent pastries! We suggest going here for your cannoli fix instead of Mike’s Pastry because the lines are shorter (and the pastries are better anyway).
Best Outdoor Beer Garden: The Barking Crab
First of all, don’t you just want to go here for their name? Aren’t you immediately amused? One of my favorite summer memories was sitting out on their patio in the summer sun drinking a cold beer. Their food is lobster-roll focused (and I personally wasn’t a fan), but go at least for a beer and some fries.
Best Brunch and Evening Cocktails: The Beehive
The outdoor vibe is great here. Perfect for a fun girls brunch, GNO or even for a date. Go for breakfast and order the eggs benny. Then come back for cocktails and get the lavender marg.
Best Coffee: Cafe Nero
This was our go-to weekend morning spot. They had consistent service and quality coffee. We’d sip our lattes on the patio and enjoy the summer atmosphere of the South End.
Best Breakfast Sandwich: South End Buttery
Aged cheddar with an egg on a buttery croissant? Yes, please! The picture above perfectly captures the moment: my boyfriend trying the breakfast sandwich for the first time and nearly crying.
Best Beer: Harpoon Brewery
Ah. The first craft beer I loved. This brewery has lots of memories, namely their White UFO beer. Make sure you order two pretzels: one parmesan and one cinnamon sugar. They are fluffy, tasty and the perfect snack to enjoy with your beer.
Aside from drinks and eats, Harpoon is the perfect beer hall experience. They play great music and the overall atmosphere is friendly and chill.

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