(Trying to) Practice Patience During COVID

Photo by Damon Hall from Pexels I'm not a patient person. I never have been. When I want something, I need to have it now. In fact, one of my earliest memories is my mom telling me to "be patient." I remember this vaguely because it was the first time I'd heard and understood what the word "patient" … Continue reading (Trying to) Practice Patience During COVID

This American Consumer Just Discovered Minimalism

Photo by Mithul Varshan from Pexels 8 months have come and gone and yet we still are. Ah quarantine, you ol' bastard. How I've (Unfortunately) Become More Materialistic I'm frugal. Not stingy, but let's just say I'm careful with how I spend my hard-earned money. I use my cash for experiences: Eating and drinking with friends. Day trips. … Continue reading This American Consumer Just Discovered Minimalism